Have you ever wondered why your phone privacy is being hacked on Facebook accounts or other social media apps? The apps will not be under your control once it is hacked because the hacker will be using it under your name and details. Well, maybe it’s time to clear up your phone by deleting some unused apps. The risk of having abandoned apps on your phone is very high because you are risking your privacy. Many people often forget to update or delete certain apps once it is no longer in use. This causes many issues, especially when your privacy is being hacked.

Many people have applications installed on their gadgets that are no longer active or not in use. These applications could cause security threats if it is not updated whenever it is needed. When the app creator stops updating their app, then vulnerabilities go unpatched which causes security threats. All software ages and as it ages, it loses support. App creators should work on ensuring their apps are updated on time. Updates could be on improving the app’s features, security and stability. This is because the security programmed in the apps may expire within a certain period. Therefore, frequent updates are needed to ensure the app is totally safe to be used. Yet, users have to update the apps from their end as well. If not, they won’t be able to use the updated version of the apps installed.

In situations like this, the app creators could come up with a solution to help their users from not being in a security threat. Apple has taken steps to keep their code safe from being hacked. The company came up with a solution where a warning will be sent to the users if the applications are not compatible with the latest version of its operating system. The warnings will be, “The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS,”. Therefore, users will be alert and notified when such warnings pop out from their screen. They will immediately update or delete the app if not in use.

Hackers have many ways of causing security threats. Through these abandoned apps, it is much easier for them to hack it as the app creator might have not updated the security of apps. Users will still face security threats if they do not update their apps. Certain phones allow you to auto-update every app installed while some could not. If your settings are on manual app update, then you will have to remember to update every application on time.

Why is it a risk to your privacy? Most apps will ask if you allow the app to access your phone gallery, contacts, or locations. You will have to click on the ‘Allow’ button in order to continue using the apps. Therefore, you are putting your privacy at risk. When the app can access your personal details and when it is not updated, it is no more under secure by the company. Hence, hackers use this opportunity to break into your data!

Why is it a must to update your installed apps in your gadgets? Here’s more information besides keeping your data safe! First of all, you will never get to enjoy the latest version which has advanced features once the app is updated. There will be more features that allow you to do more things in the app. If it is not updated, you will have to use the older version which does not benefit you at all. In fact, the app creator might not know if you are using their apps. If you seek help from the app creator, they can’t reach out to you as you have not updated the applications. Therefore, it is totally useless having apps that are not updated because you can’t benefit from the latest features in the app.

It is suggested that companies that have their own applications such as Apple, should find a solution to this issue. Apple sends a warning to its users to update the apps before it’s too late. Other companies may upgrade their apps into an auto-update app for users. This will cause less work as users will not need to remember to update every app on their phones. Besides that, companies send emails to their users to update the apps as well. This step is similar to Apple companies where they send warnings to their users.

As for the users, you may delete the apps when they are no longer in use. There are many other reasons for you to clear up your phone. Firstly, it is to ensure that your security is not at risk. Secondly, to save up the phone space so that you can install other apps that are more needed. Thirdly, your phone may lag if the memory space has reached a maximum amount. Therefore, you will need to clear the space on your phone by deleting unused apps.

The benefit of clearing your phone may be a lot even though the main purpose is to keep your data safe and not being hacked. Every person’s data is very important as you may be at risk if it reaches another hand. Your phone could hold personal details such as home addresses, loved one’s contact numbers, bank details and work details. These are the main data that should be kept safely. Due to your ignorance, it may be hacked someday and you will be in a totally risky situation. In order to avoid such issues, please do check your gadgets now, if you have any apps to be updated or deleted!

Users may also keep their data safe by not saving important details on their phones. At times, you may forget to update certain apps. It may cause issues, so, just do not keep personal details on your phones. Keep reminders in your calendar to update the apps or go to your phone settings and allow auto-update for every app using WIFI or your own data!