Mobile App Development

In E-commerce Solutions the use of mobile phones has increased substantially. With increased use of smartphones the demand of mobile application has intensified. Our competent developers have the ability to catch up to these needs and evolve efficient systems.

With advanced tools and high skill, we promise you an experience like never before. We are adaptable to almost all technologies and ingenious enough to develop mobile apps customized as per your needs.

Be it entertainment apps, gaming apps or other system apps, we provide Mobile app development services for all categories.

We can create apps compatible with both Android and iOS Operating Systems, thus serving a wider audience. We understand that your app has to prevail among millions of other apps. Thus, to help your application stand out, we use thoughtful techniques and schemes. This makes us the best mobile app development company in Malaysia and globally.

Web App Development

If you’re planning to host a website and looking for web developers – you have landed in safe hands. We understand the key ingredients to make good website thus we develop websites that have amazing look & feel, heightened user-friendliness, smooth transition of visuals and light navigation. Our team can successfully assimilate all this and provide you a fully functioning web App/portal ready to go live and serve the end-users.

We think of you and the end-users, both as our clients and consequently build apps to meet all the requirements.

Desktop App Development

Apart from Mobile/Web Applications, we also facilitate Desktop App Development. With futuristic vision and newer technologies, we develop software that articulates your ideas and beliefs. We entertain the development of application of all genres at reasonable service cost.

We do not disregard desktop application for being obsolete, we rather encourage our team to construct products that appeals to all kinds of people.  

Wearable App Development

Trend is where we are led to. Smart wearables have revolutionized the use of technology to a extent that is beyond imagination. Share with us your creative ideas and we will build an entire app supporting wearables including watches, wrist bands, glasses etc. We choose suitable operating system to work upon to integrate the functionality of your choice. For excellent performance, we ensure the best hardware-software configuration. We develop wearables for Health & Fitness, Travel, Retail, Finance, and Business.

IOT App Development

The Internet of Things is a vast and fascinating topic. It is a luxury everyone desires to experience. Our company masters, in the production of IoT based application and circuit development. We build efficient systems on demand that diminishes human effort, increases accuracy and allows human to machine communication on the click of a button or by an identifiable gesture. With latest IoT based boards and gadgets we build solutions to cater to your necessities. We develop Smart Apps to drive machines like refrigerators, lights, Air conditioners etc. Our expertise in IoT will benefit you in all aspects, be it cost, quality or reliability of the product.

Automotive App Development

Automotive App Development today forms the basis of any automobile. With the growing popularity of Automotive Applications, we foster its development to give our customers a door to all their desires and requirements. Automotive application redefines the structure and features of any automobile and gives it an additional outline to attract automobile customers. With excellent app functioning, the business scales and this is what your company can achieve by collaborating with us.

We can develop stunning and impressive apps including but not limited to GPS Systems, Music & media player applications and maintenance application.

TV App Development

Technology has been spreading its wings ever since it came into existence. TV App Development has established its significance in the technological filed very well and today is has become an essential app for everyone. Our company excels in building smarter TV apps personalized for every kind of end-user giving an overall experience of joy to them.

Our production is not limited to entertaining TV apps but we operate to satisfy wider requirements. From apps that avail Video Conferencing services to apps that integrate touch feature to your television sets, we do it all.

Game Development

Our company provides high-class gaming applications for people who love playing games. With constantly upgrading our skills, we transform you into virtual reality through our gaming apps. We specialize in providing top class animation, eye-catching graphics and highly user interactive gaming apps. We would be the finest choice for your ideas. Our workflow involves Combining the latest technology and fast gaming software with your imagination and our intricate strategies.

Our quality services have expanded our clientele in the domestic Malaysian market and international markets alike.

Blockchain Dapp Development

Blockchain is an emerging technology and has been gaining praise ever since it came into existence. Dapp development has fascinated users and developers as well. It is a the concept that steers away from traditional app development. Well, certainly our developers seem to love innovations and are flexible enough to adapt themselves to newer technologies such as this. We are one of the leading Dapp developers. By making use of sophisticated tools, excellent hardware, software integration and artistic ideas, we create applications that replicate your vision. From extremely secure payment gateways to elegant database store systems, we create what you envision.

AI Integration

The world of AI has expanded opportunities for users to obtain greater comfort and for developers to dwell in a new world.  Artificial Intelligence Services incorporates human intelligence into machines. Our company is certainly the best service provider when it comes to AI-related services. We build efficient algorithms and formulate logic that blends amazingly well with robots and also incorporates your requirements. Our expert team ensures that our clients are empowered by Artificial Intelligence Services. We convert your complex ideas into seamless reality that would otherwise seem bizarre to others.

AR App Development

Augmented Reality is the next big thing in the field of technology. It defines its own world with limitless boundaries. We at Blockode; emphasize invention and innovation. This helps us to be one of the best service providers of AR App development in Malaysia and around the globe. AR adds advancement to modules of sound, video and location components.

Our expertise is this field justifies our dominance in the market. We offer services with the latest technology swiftly keeping in mind the parameters of performance. Our AR app developers cultivate unmatched solutions that best fit your requirements.

VR App Development

Virtual reality is a magical world where you get what you envision and see what you feel. Our process of a VR app development does exactly the same. We nurture futuristic technologies to develop a virtual reality so that you can live your dream. Your inputs and needs are the basis of our creation. We give wings to your inventive concepts and transform ideas into Applications that meet your requirement. With advanced gadgets and sophisticated designs we construct extraordinary applications including UI/UX and holograms. Our objective is connecting real and the virtual world through our apps. All our services are rapid with add on advantage of an affordable service cost.

Server Management

A well-managed server helps in administering activities of the system effectively and efficiently with minimum effort. Our server management techniques are highly popular and recommended because our planning and functioning closely parallels client’s comfort as well as ideality in terms of performance.

Server Management involves taking care of hardware resource usage, monitoring apps running on server, undertaking tasks of firmware update and Optimization. We monitor and periodically check all installations and activities on the server. To do all this effectively, Blockode offers a dedicated team to supervise the task of management.  


With pros, there are associated cons. The world of IT has given birth to a revolution that has changed the way we look at things. With such an advantage, it has brought with it serious threats to data security and the risk of crackers. But, you don’t have to worry. We are among the top providers of cybersecurity services. With solutions customized for your system’s safety, we ensure that the system’s security is never compromised. With a close look at the operations of your system, we explore every possibility of threat and perimeter your system with the best security regulations to discern potential hazards and prevent them.

Software Automation

To cater to the needs of all our clients in Malaysia and in international markets, we constantly strive to expand our range of services. Our Software Automation service gives us an edge over other companies. Our proficient software testers ensure that the services they provide are perpetually error less. The length of code or the complexity of algorithms hardly matters to our testers. We use the best software automation applications and tools which produce consistent results. To achieve organizational goals, we develop numerous test cases to validate your application up to the mark.

Software Maintenance

Once a product is put to use, it is pretty certain that the next big challenge is its maintenance. Blockode will gladly shoulder this responsibility. We provide almost every kind of support ranging from bug fixing, problem analyzing, technical modification and technical upgrades. With the best techniques and tools, we can fix your problems and provide top class maintenance services without affecting your other routine business activities. With a dedicated team to rely upon, your software will be in good hands.

Tech Consultations

To help your business scale to greater heights, get the best guidance from our tech consultants. Our initial step is to extract vital information about your business and your requirements. Following this, we will shape your revolutionary ideas to business plans and policies to help you retain the upfront position in the technical market. Our service includes giving valuable guidance regarding various technological tools, hardware configurations and architectural design. Assisting your organization in understanding end-user technical requirements is also our expertise.  We are consistently provide mind-blowing strategies and logical advice that’ll help you grow.

Digital Marketing

We are not mere producers but we believe in delivering our products to maximum people. Our fair understanding of proper marketing after production has made us a leading service provider in the IT field. We provide digital marketing assistance right from the deployment of the product to assure that your product is well-known in the market. Our services include marketing consultation, social media promotion assistance, SEO, Social media Ad marketing and much more.

Digital Marketing is an important phase in the life-cycle of any product, so we ensure that it is done just the right way. Customizing websites for the search engine to rank the product higher in its index is the basic formula. Apart from this, we encourage off-website marketing to increase activities on your app/website.

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