Ecommerce is at a boom these days. Online shopping is thriving more than ever. No one could have imagined even 20 years ago that you would be able to shop without having to go to a shop. The internet with many powers has made this possible. With many devices all around, the potential has increased even further. It is the age of mobile phones and they have certainly taken over lives with a storm.

All the new businesses have to shift sooner or later to survive. Your E-commerce store will never reach its full potential unless it has a mobile app. The current trends are quite self-explanatory. There is not a single service these days which does not have a mobile app. Those who do not are striving to enter the app stores as soon as possible. The reason for this is the massive capital which can be harnessed from the online shoppers. If you are someone who loves the traditional ways, then we are sorry to break the news that sooner or later, you will have to adapt or prepare to pack your bags. Some business owners show statistics with promising numbers and argue in the negation of the need for an app. Here we list down the top reasons and debunk the major misconceptions people have regarding its need.

A mobile app will increase your sales by a fortune!

1. Top Trending

Mobile eCommerce is trending. Sales from mobile devices have completely dominated the market. All the current analytics clearly verify these trends. As much as 67 per cent of all eCommerce sales worldwide come from mobile devices. The interpolated figures show that this figure will swell up to 73 per cent within the span of the next two years. The convenience is what drives so much traffic towards this medium. A device which is so small that fits into a pocket and is just at an arm’s length is a big deal winner for the current customers. Travelling has shifted online with services like Uber, Careem etc and even the old ticketing systems of aeroplanes and trains have now been completely digitalized. Ordering of food, coffee is on the go. If this does not give you a hint of what the world is transitioning into, then what will. It is not very costly to get a mobile app built. Many software agencies will build one for quite cheap. The sales you generate from the app will cover up the cost in no time.

2. Competitive Advantage

If you are still getting sales from your mobile site, then you are fortunate but this fortune will not last long. Without a mobile application, you are currently lacking behind. Many companies are still adamant on transitioning. If you leap early and decide to build a mobile app, you will gain a competitive advantage over those who currently do not have one. In case a customer is in a fix in choosing between your service and a rival one, he will lean towards your service if you have a mobile app. A wrong way of thinking might be that if the rival website does not have a mobile app yet, you do not need one either. If your rival does not have a mobile app, then you are competing with the wrong service. Aim higher. Every eCommerce on the planet is transitioning towards a mobile app. In short, if you build a mobile app today, it will surely give you an edge but in the coming years when everyone has one, the competition will get much more intense. If you are able to pull off more customers now, you can certainly earn much more revenue.

3. Greater Conversions

If the above-mentioned factors did not motivate you, this surely will. The numbers are there to speak. Track mobile conversions and compare them with your website conversions. The mobile app will surely be the winner. According to analytics, customers view 286 per cent more products on a mobile application which results in a staggering 85 per cent higher conversion rate. More customers surely mean more money and money is what makes a business thrive. This also results in longer sessions. With long sessions, you can advertise more. You can also sell out your ad space to other services. With longer sessions on the app, more people will see the ads for a longer time generating more revenue for you. It will also result in increased clicks. This will be a major plus for your business while selling ad space.

4. Better Communication

When a customer installs your mobile app, this surely means he is interested in your service. This is a great advantage since you can perform all your marketing on your customers. It is heaven for campaigns. By providing returning incentives, discounts etc, you can make the customers come back again and again. Push notifications will be your new best friends. You will need to rely on these since even the most loyal customers won’t return to buy every day or week. In case of a website, the best bet will be to reach customers by email which is a long channel. Mobile app bypasses the long channel and replaces it with instant notifications to the user. A balance must however be maintained so that the customer is not overwhelmed by too much useless information. It will also help you to provide customer care and support. Bug reports and crash notifications will also help you to improve the next iterations of the app. Surveys and ratings will tell you which product to remove from the shelves and which to restock more often. These analytics will help your business reach new heights.

5. Increased Order Value:

We have already discussed the increased traffic on a mobile app compared to a website but there are monetary benefits as well. A mobile app will enhance the average order value. They have a higher order value than mobile browsers or desktop screens. Even if you increase the average order value by 5 dollars, the impact is huge. Let us assume you have one thousand transactions in a month. This will translate into 5000 additional dollars per month and 60000 dollars a year. This is just a rough estimate and although might vary, the trends will always be increasing and this will always go in your favour. Do not settle for anything less. The small investment you make to get a mobile app built, will cover up the cost in no time and generate more revenue for the coming years. The convenience provided to the customer always shows promise and helps the business grow because, at the end of the day, a happy customer is what all businesses strive for.


With all the massive benefits that a mobile app has to offer, it is a must to transition. You will have to take an early leap before it is too late and the monetary advantage shrinks. For more information check out many articles on