Blockode is a leading technology-oriented company in Malaysia, offering innovative software services to help businesses improve their operations. With a focus on excellence in client relationships, Blockode aims to become a global leader in bridging the gap between business solutions and technology.

As a pioneer in the field of blockchain technology, Blockode recognizes the potential of decentralizing power through the use of smart contracts. By utilizing this technology, businesses can experience a paradigm shift that will lead to increased economic exchange and prosperity. Blockode is passionate about developing unique, clean, and usable decentralized applications to help businesses achieve their goals.

In addition to blockchain technology, Blockode also offers practical advice on how businesses can improve their applications using other cutting-edge technologies such as AI. The company’s team of experienced software developers is dedicated to delivering the best software solutions to clients, making Blockode a credible and versatile software company in Malaysia. Whether it’s cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3, or other advanced technologies, Blockode is ready to help businesses achieve success through technology.

These are the services we provide:
1) Mobile App Development
2) Web App Development
3) Desktop App Development
4) Wearable App Development
5) IoT App Development
6) Automotive App Development
7) TV App Development
8) Game Development
9) Blockchain Dapp Development
10) AI Integration
11) AR App Development
12) VR App Development
13) Server Management
14) Cybersecurity
15) Software Automation
16) Software Maintenance
17) Tech Consultations
18) Digital Marketing

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Yong Loon Ng

Founder, CEO

Ng Yong Loon, better known as Kristofer, is a software engineer and computer scientist who doubles up as an entrepreneur.

He first began his career working as a software engineer for several companies. His accomplishments ranged from working with small businesses and software house companies in developing applications and systems, improving their software design and architecture.




To provide best-of-breed business solutions and systems to the client with the latest technology.


To make software a positive social and economic force that can empower businesses.

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