Business is not as easy as you think unless you know the right way of running it. You’ve invested money, time and extra efforts to succeed in your career but beyond everything, what you need is knowledge. Even with consistent marketing efforts, you can’t seem to gain traction or generate predictable cash flow. Your satisfaction towards your outcome will not be constant as in one week, you feel successful and the next week, We discuss 4 business aspects affecting your marketing efforts you see numbers take a nosedive. If you have confusion, stay calm because you are not the only one who feels this way. Humans make mistakes but a perfect businessman will not take any chance to ruin his efforts. In order to avoid unwanted errors and setbacks, you should consider the following four areas of your operations.

Your supply chain, engagement of your employees, market targeting and lastly your offering. Firstly, your supply chain isn’t right. Every product you sell and purchase is from your supply chain. You could experience challenges in serving customers if your supply chain isn’t right. For instance, if your prices are not competitive, you may get into a loss for not being updated on the market’s pricing. Always have a thorough check-in selling and buying prices of products. Your supplies being delayed could also cause major issues for your business. Solve this issue by going through your supply chain. Check if they are being out of schedule in providing the items you have ordered. Observe if you are paying more compared to other businesses that are similar to your business. You might want to rearrange with each of the providers on the supplies you are receiving. Arrangements on schedules and the amount of supplies can be done to correct the current mistakes. Make sure a proper record is taken down for the next checking. Also, check if your suppliers are like-minded or can suit your business in the future.

Ensure that they are not problem makers but only give good suggestions for profit growth in your business. You may conduct an informal interview to know in more detail of your suppliers’ backgrounds and reviews. Secondly, your employees might feel disengaged. When an employee experiences disengagement, he or she will produce lesser work and a lack of quality in the tasks done. Your employees are one of the main factors that gain revenue in an organization. They are the ones who liaise with your customers in order to provide the best customer services. If the number of customers decreases from a company, it is either because of the products or your employees’ services.

There are a few ways to settle this issue from being continued. You will need to know what your employees actually feel while working with you. Send out surveys so that they could reply with honest feedback. Feedback can be used to rectify any issues that are being faced by the organization. You may also speak personally to employees who seem to be lack productivity in the company. Reach out to them and get to know what are the issues they are facing. Rectify those problems and your company will be able to run smoothly. Thirdly, you might have targeted the wrong markets. Maybe your targeted market does not match with the business you do.

This may cause a huge loss in your business because there will be very few customers. For instance, you can’t expect high revenue when you open a snow outfit store in a hot country. Your targeted market is totally wrong when the products you sell do not suit your customers. At times, you may not even know if you have targeted the wrong market. In cases like this, you may carry out a survey before launching your products in the planned area.


Get to know what people in the surrounding prefer to use. You may carry out the survey in various places, just to get the perfect targeted market for your business. You may experience a sudden hike and loss in your company’s profit. In that case, your business isn’t stable yet and you need to reconstruct the whole marketing plan. Make the business stable with proper plans to gain a stable profit. Reach out to as many customers you could so that your brand will become popular! Fourthly, you might have over-diversified your offerings. You may want to provide all services to your customers but it is only going to bring you loss! Having a diversified offering may confuse the buyers on what actually your business is about. You should have a stable business first which is popular enough for its brand and products.

Gain popularity and then only you could add on the services. For example, you can’t be selling clothes and food at a time. Your customers may get confused and even refuse to purchase from you even though you serve the best products. Buyers always remember a product by a brand or the store’s name and business. If you portray a confusing business, you may never get to gain more customers. Examine the services that you would like to provide. If you have extra plans, ensure that it tallies with the current service that you are providing. For instance,

if you are having a cafeteria with a garden concept, you may sell flowers in the future. But remember that you have to stabilize the original marketing plan first before you add on other services! In a nutshell, these four elements are essential for a businessman’s knowledge regardless of what type of business or marketing. It can be local or international, but when you have the knowledge, you will know the way of surviving in this competitive arena. One thing about business, one minor wrong move may flop your entire market and leave you in regrets. So knowing the techniques and methods helps you to make the right decision at the right time. You should also observe and recheck every detail of your business so that there won’t be any mistakes that could cause a major loss in profits.