Once upon a time, we convey messages through symbols. A few decades later we sent information via birds. Then, we started emailing people to share a message. Now we have a variety of communication methods including text, audio, video and picture messages. This shows that the communication pattern gets upgraded day by day. The current trend of communication is virtual communication. Virtual communication involves mirror interaction among users through apps like Facetime, Whatsapp Call, Messenger, Skype and Instagram. Virtual communication has become the favorite of many people for various reasons.

Firstly, video calls that involve a sense of sight and hearing, consume lesser time than email or text messages because you will need time to think and type whereby in video calls you will just need to say what’s on your mind and the receiver will witness your speech. With this, users will be able to see what the sender is saying and from where the message is being delivered. In a way, it is an advantage for those who have hearing problems because they get to read lips or follow the actions of a person who communicates with them in a video call. So it builds confidence among unfortunate users as well. This video call also allows those physically challenged users to convey messages through actions as it will be visible in video calls. Basically, this latest way of communicating is similar to face-to-face communication. The only difference is that you won’t be able to touch or near the others in person.

Secondly, it gives the feeling of intimation. You do not need to travel too far to meet someone because you still can communicate with someone you want to share your thoughts and ideas. A real-life example or lesson is CMCO during the pandemic of COVID 19 where none of us get to meet our loved ones, especially during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri this year. Even though there was no permission to cross the state border or plan for a mass gathering, users were able to communicate with their relatives and friends via video calls. Video calls almost give the same feel as talking to someone in person. When it comes to festivals, the first thing that comes to our mind is the celebration of meals, fireworks and outfits. Somehow virtual communication allows users to feel that happiness as before. With conference video calls, you can speak and see your parents, siblings, cousins and friends. This Raya was never an expected one but it will be a memorable day when you reunite with your loved ones via virtual communication.

Besides that, virtual communication is also helpful for students especially during the lockdown in Malaysia. Students won’t be able to attend classes or consultations. Similarly, teachers can’t conduct classes as normal just to practice social distancing. Here comes the E-learning where students can do their online presentations and consultations in order to achieve commendable grades for their coursework. Besides that, students can communicate with one another to discuss their assignments. Through virtual communication, students will not get left out although it’s a pandemic season. Both students and teachers will be able to experience the same as before in a face-to-face class. Just that it’s even better and convenient via virtual communication as it has many benefits such as saving up your time and reducing the risk of spreading Coronavirus. In a way, virtual communication allows students and teachers to work or study remotely based on their convenience regardless of time and venue requirements.

There are some people who are stuck overseas, where they are unable to reunite with their family members on important days such as festivals, birthday celebrations and many more. Through virtual communication, you can always get connected with your closed ones. You may not be able to meet your family and friends in person but you will be able to enjoy the happiness of watching your loved one smile over the call.

The government suggested that people to use virtual communication during Raya as ‘Balik kampung’ was banned for the sake of not spreading Coronavirus. This way of communicating can be used in the coming festivals if you are not able to return to your hometown. Your parents will not be worried or sad about not having your presence next to them because virtual communication gives you the feel of being next to your loved ones.

Companies could conduct meetings or interviews via virtual communication too. There’s no need for you to get to the office and attend the meetings when you can do it from home with just a good internet connection and proper gadgets for video calls to be done. Drop your worries about getting stuck in a jam for morning meetings at the office. With virtual communication, you can take your time to bath and get dressed, then enjoy a cup of coffee and attend your meetings without any delays. It’s just so easy and simpler, right? Virtual communication not only gives you the feel of being next to the caller but also reduces your burden and tasks in your daily lives. For instance, you don’t have to rush to work every morning as all you need is to turn on your laptop and be prepared for the meeting.

Almost everyone could enjoy the benefits of virtual communication. Students, working adults, teachers, and family members could reach out to each other via this latest technology. It was highly suggested to be used during the Raya this year as no one was allowed to leave their respective states. People made use of virtual communication to get connected with their loved ones.
Keep your bondings with your family and friends forever even if you live far from them. Give them the feel of being right next to them via virtual communication. You will not miss your loved ones because this technology gives you a similar experience of being next to them. In fact, you can share your surroundings with the caller through the video call. Also, share your moments with them and have a greater life than ever expected.