Everything has changed. As time flows, the traditional methods are being changed into an advanced way of living in one’s life which includes education. It’s a situation where people have to stay at home to ensure their safety due to Covid-19. Most people have started to work from home. Sellers started to run their business online. Meanwhile, students and teachers jumped into E-learning to conduct their academics.

Malaysians are new to E-learning, where every lesson will be conducted online. Of course, challenges will be there because we are new to such a method, but it is definitely not the time to blame around. It is time to adapt to the new normal. This method applies to all levels of students, including primary, secondary and tertiary students. E-learning is also known as the latest technology which is widely used in every institution ever since the government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO). Besides being trendy by using this method to study, it also helps not to spread the Coronavirus when students and teachers only communicate from their gadgets in their homes.

Apple has made an efficient effort to collaborate with new education application features that will ensure the convenience of students and teachers in academics. Indeed it’s not a familiar method of teaching, but right now, e-learning is the only available way for education. What is more surprising is that teachers and students are comfortable with E-learning as it makes it easier for teachers to manage assignments and daily tasks from afar.

Moreover, with the app’s navigation, teachers can quickly tab through all their handouts for each class, and quickly access drafts and favourites. This feature can never be done when you have a face-to-face class. With this, teachers can save more time and update more handouts via the app for students learning. On the other hand, students will have the advantage to show which assignments are due across each of their classes. Very often, students lose marks for their assignments due to late submissions, and that is because of forgetting the due dates. With this app, students can never forget to submit their assignments on time as there. This app reminds the students of their due dates in particular assignments. By this, the bonding and transparency between students and teachers will be sustained, and definitely, there won’t be any difficulties. Teachers will not have to warn their students about being late on submitting assignments.

In this effort, the most prominent benefit is that teachers can view individual assignments of students and how much time they are spending on the work, compared with the rest of the class. Unlike the traditional way of learning and observing students, teachers will have a deep understanding and get to analyze the progress of a student. Teachers often have issues when their students have problems with their assignments. Teachers can’t really know the actual cause of the issues that their students face. With this feature, it is easy to observe the students’ work and find out what are the issues that are being faced by the students. Therefore, the problem is solved!

E-learning does not need students and teachers to gather at a place as they can work remotely from where they are. Besides the effort of reducing the risk of being infected by Coronavirus, this app gives you more freedom to work from your favourite places such as cafes, gardens, or even your own bedroom! You can also conduct meetings with your teacher from different places. There’s no need to rush to meet your teachers or students as all you need is this app.

Actually, this type of learning has received many positive responses from users because schools are now adapting to remote work. The latest changes could help accelerate the adoption of the company’s teaching tools. The second advantage of E-learning is, it offers the same effectiveness of traditional methods where students and teachers can have instant communication for clarification. Before, students will need to fix an appointment with their teachers and then meet them in the office or any other classrooms to clarify little doubts about their assignments. But now, this app gives them the best way of communicating by just having video chats or calls. There’s no need to walk all the way to the office or classroom but only sit at your own place and clarify your doubts with the teachers.

Thirdly, E-learning enables virtual communications so that students can present their ideas and presentations while teachers may witness their presentation to allocate marks for students. Again it’s proven that students will not be left out as in achievements and knowledge because the syllabus remains the same. The way of learning and teaching remains the same but teachers and students gain more benefits via E-learning in the Apple navigation app.

Apple’s innovation also emphasizes the duration of time students use while learning. In schools, it is compulsory to run a class as it is stated in the class timetable but through E-learning tutors only share what is needed, and the rest are in students’ hands. Since it is consuming less time, students may spend more time on education. There is more freedom through this way of learning. You don’t need to choke yourself with tight schedules as it were back then in schools. Study as you wish to but gain more knowledge in this way. Students and teachers always wanted a more relaxed way of learning and teaching. With this app, created by Apple, it has brought all dreams to come true as you can get your jobs done easily.

Somehow E-learning helps pupils to succeed in their studies by keeping them flexible and adaptable. While learning, students will be able to surf the net for educational purposes. Therefore, there are extra benefits to E-learning. Teachers too, can succeed in completing their daily tasks as educators. Lessons can be conducted freely while they can mark and observe their students in more detail with this app.