Technology just made our lives easier as you can have full access to almost everything at your fingertips. Just click or tap on your screen and you will be redirected to apps, information that you wanted and check-ins into places. The Covid-19 outbreak has made many changes in our daily lives such as social distancing, lockdowns, closure of certain premises and even the use of technology in every task we are assigned to. We have started going online ever since the Movement Control Order was announced by the government.

The government allowed people to shop for personal needs, but everyone’s safety is ensured by checking body temperature, sanitizing hands and wearing face masks. These steps weren’t enough to prevent the spread of the virus, so, the government made an order where every visitor had to write down their details before entering any premises. Details such as name, handphone number and body temperature were asked to write down before you could enter a shop. This method was introduced to locate people who are infected with the virus so that the authorities could also trace other possible Covid-19 patients.

Even though this method was helpful in a way, it had its negative impacts on the others. People were forced to queue for their turns to write down their details on a paper or book before entering a premise. The queue might last for more than 30 minutes as social distancing is supposed to be maintained as well. Due to the frustration in waiting for a longer time, people might just leave the premises.

Quick Response Code was then imposed for the use in every premises, replacing papers and logbooks and also long queues. QR code is a matrix barcode that allows users to scan and access certain information or directs them to an app. The QR code is a machine-readable optical label where details and data of an organization are in it. Visitors only need to scan the QR code given by the outlets. Then, they will need to key in their personal details and click ‘Check In’. This method saves time as there’s no need to queue up before your turn reaches. All you need to do is scan the code, enter your details and then check-in! You will need to check your temperature before clicking the ‘Check In’ button. Usually, there will be a person who checks your temperature and sprays some sanitizer on your hands before you can enter the premises. Get your temperature checked, key in and then you are free to go in.

Lately, people have complained about receiving calls from unknown numbers after they write down their personal details on a logbook before entering outlets. Others could view your details once you have written it on a book as it is for public view. Therefore, it is totally not safe using that method even though the purpose of it was to ensure everyone’s safety.

The use of QR code not only saves up your time but also keeps your details secured and only to be viewed by you and authorities who have the rights on it. Your safety in keeping yourself secure is important as much as your health.

QR codes can also be used in markets, offices, hospitals and even schools. Markets could use this technology for customers to key in their details before checking in. Offices can benefit from this technology for the use of employees reporting to work. Replace the punch cards with QR codes to save the details of your employees’ reporting time at work.

Hospitals may use QR codes for many purposes such as patients could scan the code to retrieve details of their medications or appointments with doctors. Health practitioners may scan the code to report for duty or even retrieve details of their daily tasks. The code can be used for visitors to rate the services provided in the hospital. Therefore, you can save the feedback paper forms in the feedback corner and replace it with QR codes. Schools could benefit the code by retrieving students’ details once it is scanned. For instance, during report card day, parents could scan the QR code to check on the basic details of their children.

The QR code is useful in all ways even though it was widely used after the Covid-19 outbreak. The code is in a box form with many lines that look like a maze. It is in small size and usually printed on papers and pasted on walls for people to scan it through QR code scanners in their mobile phones. You will be mesmerized by how useful is this code as it could do wonders.

Besides being able to check into premises, this code allows users to redirect them to certain apps. You can install the apps registered in the QR code for your personal use. For example, you can scan a given QR code to access a shopping mall’s app. Once you have registered, you may use the features provided in the apps.

Gain information by scanning the codes too! We used to read books and newspapers to learn about the world but now, all you need to do is scan that little box-shaped QR code to read articles. You can access news, fiction and non-fiction stories and even cooking recipes with the code.

You can’t simply scan a random code and expect every detail to be in it. For instance, you can’t scan a code in an eatery and expect to retrieve news stories. It is depending on which premise you are at and which company owns the QR code.

QR codes can also be used to make payments such as phone bill payments or e-hailing services. You will just need to scan the code and then key in your details for a successful payment to be done. Even toll payments can be done using QR codes. In this way, you could cut off the long queues and avoid crowded areas. Get your life updated with the QR codes now!