The world today is suffering from a deadly virus called Coronavirus (Covid-19). It has caused many losses to the people and countries as in losing jobs due to lockdowns, economy drops drastically, postponing classes in schools and institutions, being separated from family members, front-liners overworked and even huge numbers of deaths due to this virus. The government has imposed a few rules in preventing the virus from being spread such as Movement Control Orders (MCO), wearing masks in public areas, using hand sanitizers, checking body temperature before entering a premise and even closing institutions, malls and recreational parks.

Yet, the negligence of people has only increased the number of confirmed cases and deaths. The new norm is hard to be practised as people are used to a free lifestyle. People often disobey the imposed norms by the government, which includes the MCO. Efforts and full cooperation are needed from both front liners and the nation to put this pandemic to an end. Therefore, new solutions are also needed to cure this on-going pandemic.

Can technology cure diseases? Well, it won’t be that surprising as almost everything seems possible these days. Technology is much more advanced than we could imagine because it can also assist people in health-wise. Technology in healthcare is no longer surprising as we have blood pressure cuffs, MRI scanners, heart monitors and many others, but could a surveillance tech help in reducing the number of infected Covid-19 patients? Surveillance is majorly used for observing an area for safety purposes. For instance, offices, malls, or banks will install surveillance around and in their building for safety intentions. But do you know that, with surveillance tech, a country can reduce the COVID clusters? This tech uses the same feature of observing things or an area, but the purpose is to prevent coronavirus. Interesting, isn’t it?

Surveillance tech could track your activities, locations and even people who you have met and talked to. If you are tested for positive Covid-19, your previous activities will be tracked to know if you have spread the virus to others. Then, authorities could easily track down the other people whom you have met since they have high chances of being infected. Places that you have visited will be sealed for sanitization purposes.

This technology will be implemented in schools to prevent students from spreading the virus. Parents can also worry less about their children from being infected as the authorities will always observe the tracked locations and other details of an infected person in the school. To ensure this tech is being used properly, students will need to wear an electronic beacon which will track their activities such as places they visited in the school, to whom they met and talked, in which groups they joined for meetups, seating placements in classrooms and canteen. If the student is tested positive for the virus, the authorities will immediately seal or close the areas of the visited places by the infected person. Those places will be fully sanitized and closed until further notice.

Hence, prevention is done in this way with the surveillance tech. The purpose of this tech is not only to prevent but to also cure the current situation in the country. Hand sanitizers, masks and social distancing could not alone prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Such tech is needed in tracking down people for the sake of other lives. History of one’s activities is important as much as keeping oneself hygienic because the virus could live on surfaces for up to a few hours and even days. Therefore, immediate sanitization should be done once it is known that a whole place is also infected with the virus.

With this surveillance tech, it also helps the authorities to carry out sanitizing plans at infected areas. For example, if an infected person checked into a supermarket, sanitization will be done at the supermarket he/she has visited. In a way, it also lessens the burden of the medical practitioner’s tasks in interviewing the patients of her/his last visited places. There is no need to interview each and every family member or friend of the infected patient as the surveillance tech will show the exact people or places that are at high risk for the deadly virus.

Even though the government imposed rules such as writing your personal details in a logbook or scanning QR codes before entering a premise, it still doesn’t help much on the idea to cure the number of infected people. This is because false information will be keyed in or visitors will not scan the given QR codes.

In situations like this, the surveillance tech is very much needed as there won’t be any mistakes or negligence from the people. Every activity of a person will be recorded and observed. This tech is being introduced to schools since it is a place that gathers a high number of children and teachers. The virus can spread easily when there’s a mass gathering but it could be prevented with the imposed rules by the government and this latest surveillance tech.

Technology doesn’t stop with electronic devices and transportation, but it is highly advanced in medical wise. The benefits of this surveillance tech are that it helps the authorities to track down infected areas to sanitize in a shorter period before anyone else could get infected. Secondly, it is to reduce the number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths. In a way, this is called a method to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Thirdly, it reduces the burden and tasks of front-liners, such as tracking down for information manually. With this tech, you can cut down the time of finding details manually as everything will be recorded and only need your observations. Besides these main benefits, the surveillance tech also helps the school is operating normally as there’s no need to postpone a child’s studies. Schools will be back to normal with an advanced method in preventing coronavirus!