Life has turned a little boring ever since the government restricted its people from carrying out outdoor activities. Many of us turned disappointed whenever the Prime Minister announced the extension dates of the Movement Control Order, yet, we failed to realize that it is the main step taken to prevent the spread of the deadly virus called Coronavirus (Covid-19). Activities relating to sports, shopping malls, recreational parks, institutions and even places of worship were closed during the lockdown.

During this tough situation, many people came up with creative ideas such as inventing new cooking recipes, creating arts and shooting indoor videos. These new ideas will be shared via social media for others to view and entertain themselves. In fact, many others started sharing their unique ideas in cooking, arts and videos. Huge companies such as Courts and KL Foodie shared the recipe for their famous menu items. Viewers will inspire such videos and even start cooking with the given shared recipe!

Several Bollywood film actors created a short film with just minimum equipment during this lockdown. Their short film doesn’t only keep us entertained but also proves that we can always keep our lives healthy and fun even when stuck at home.

Similarly, an advanced editing app was created for users to make creative videos based on pictures, footages and songs suggested by the app. Trash app was innovated with the feature of “You shoot, we edit” which allows users to create countless creative videos.

Usually, you will need to upload your videos or pictures into software and then edit those footages manually by fixing the brightness, choosing the perfect songs and maintaining the audio pitch but with the Trash app, cut those long ways of editing! Now, you can edit your videos automatically by just choosing the pictures and footage only.

Trash app uses artificial intelligence to edit your videos as it uses the video clips that are saved in your gadgets. You will only need to shoot the videos and save it into your gallery. With the latest gadgets, there wouldn’t be a problem in saving pictures or videos as it will be auto-saved once snapped or recorded. So, just turn on your camera and let the Trash app help you in creating wonderful videos!
The way this app works in editing your clips is by selecting the clips which were in order. You might have shot lots of videos, so, just arrange the clips in order for it to be edited as you wanted. Long tap and drag the clips you want at the bottom of your video. Then, it will be edited according to the arrangement below the video. This step is similar to the other editing apps as video arrangements need to be done by the user, but the difference is Trash app edits the whole video for you. Sit back, relax, and just wait for the best outcome from the Trash app!

Don’t you want to add some music to your edited videos? Well, the Trash app has another exciting feature that matches the perfect upbeat with your videos. All you have to do is, choose a mood before the videos are edited, the app will match an upbeat based on the mood you have chosen in the beginning. For instance, if you choose a happy mood, the app will match happy music to your video. The end result will surely be great from the best memories in your phone gallery!

Trash app helps you to save your time in creating wonderful videos. Approximately, one will need half an hour to edit footage with other apps as you will need to arrange the clips, fix the video’s duration, adjust the brightness, telly the audio with the edited video and many more by manually. But the Trash app does the major editing for you which saves up your time as well. Even audios will be edited according to the mood you choose and the clips you have arranged. All you need to do is, shoot videos or snap pictures, then arrange the clips according to your video preference, select a mood and let Trash app create the best video!

Who can benefit from this app? Almost everyone who has an interest in making creative videos can use this app at any time and anywhere! Video editors can use this app to create trending or more vibey video content for their companies. This app can be used in your daily lives. You can use it while on your way to work, while having dinner, at a party or even when you are at home. Basically, anyone can use this app at any moment. If you are stuck at home but want to produce something creative, just do it with the Trash app as there’s no restriction for whom to enjoy the features in it!

There are a number of steps to follow when using this app. Oh no, that’s just a joke because there are instructions or ways to use the Trash app! It is a user-friendly app that is suitable for everyone’s use. You don’t need to study or remember the way steps in using this app because it just does the whole job for you! Yet, you just need to know these three steps to create the video you have always wanted. Firstly, shoot a nice video or snap a picture of yourself or anything which you like. Secondly, arrange the clips based on your video preference. Thirdly, select a mood to match a perfect beat to your video. Lastly, surrender the whole job to the Trash app and just wait for the final outcome. You will surely be amazed at the end result of the vibey and creative video.

Click on the share button and let the world know how creative you could be too! This is the last thing you should do once the video is ready to be viewed. Share it with your friends, social media and also on your status because everyone needs to know that you are just the best with the Trash app!