There is a tidal wave sweeping the Internet. It is called TokSee or Web 3.0, a unified social technology platform. But before we talk about TokSee Web 3.0, let’s take a look at what has happened to the net.

The Internet is a place of constant change. It is always in a flux. Many of the changes go by largely unnoticed, such as the ever changing faces of the many web pages on the net and may be, the launch of some top notch script that failed to hit the home run. But every now and then, something really mega happens that alters the cyber landscape and the fortunes of many forever. Some of such include the entrance of the search engines, the arrival of the various blog platforms, the emergence of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and more recently the launch of web 2.0 with Myspace, Facebook, and a host of other web 2.0 platforms. Each new mega launch brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. Many have created instant success, moving many from obscurity to instant fame. Google is an example. So also are Facebook and Myspace.

Things happen pretty fast on the net. Not long ago, we woke up one day and found ourselves in the midst of a cyber-social order called Web 2.0. Many scrambled to understand this new animal, others disregarded it and tried to forge ahead only to find out that wherever they look, is this new animal starring at them. In the same way, many are waking up to a new social platform, the web 3.0, more far reaching, more viral than its predecessor, web 2.0. But what do we need a new social platform for? What was wrong with our web 2.0 social communities? Yes, communities, that’s what they are with no real way to bring them all together until now.

Web 3.0 is poised to bridge the gap between social communities for us, once and for all. It will no longer be necessary to login and out from one social community to another. With TokSee and Web 3.0, you can migrate from one social community to another without ever having an account with that social network. TokSee Togadera Web 3.0 uses a simple widget that is free to anyone, that allows you to communicate with anyone across various social platforms. All that is required is a simple and free code from ToKSee, that you can copy and paste on to your blog, web page, or social network page. It is this code that allows you to open up communication pipelines with anyone across the different social platforms.

What are the benefits of TokSee Togadera Web 3.0?

Some of the benefits of TokSee Web 3.0 is that it encourages sharing between Social Technologies, saves time, allows you to communicate with other communities without an account, and free to use. It also uses voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and white board collaborations to enhance your effectiveness.

For those who hate meddling with downloads and installs, there is absolutely nothing to download and nothing to install. A simple copy and paste is all that is needed for the widget. TokSee Web 3.0 also allows you to participate in revenue sharing.

With over 100 million estimated visitors unified under one web 3.0 platform, TokSee Web 3.0 is positioned to be the next mega hit on the cyber landscape. As always, those who embrace new technologies are usually the first to benefit from it. Someone once said the one thing constant in life is change. That sounds like an oxymoron but it is a truism.

Source by Austin Akalanze