You can shoot the question of “Who loves to shop?” to anybody, and you will get the same answer of “Yes!”. Well, almost everyone loves to shop because we do need new things in our life. Shopping in those days used to be like going out for a vacation. When the father asked everyone to get into the car to go shopping, the children would get excited while they jumped into the car happily. That is because children loved the mall so much. An exciting and fun place to visit in the mall. Besides that, new clothes, new furniture and a variety of food are also the reasons for a family to get excited whenever they go shopping.

Malls will have ranges of shops which give you a lot of choices to shop for. You can shop for a variety of things, select shops which have the best price and even visit shops which practice good customer service.

Do we still experience the same feeling now when we hear the word ‘shopping’? The answer is yes but you don’t just get to shop in a mall. In this current era, the shopping experience has extended to online where there’s no need for you to visit the malls but just sit at home and shop. All you need to do is to connect to the shops you want to purchase your items at. Then add on your items to the carts and check out for payment. Wait for a few days and you will receive the ordered items.

Back then, you only add on your items to the carts in a mall but nowadays, you can add on products into your virtual carts! The world has evolved in a way that humans can get everything needed from just sitting at a place. It was impossible before but totally possible now.

What is Facebook Shops

Online shopping has come into a trend where buyers shop for their items on certain websites. This online shopping gives you the same experience as shopping in a mall because of the range of products that you can shop for. Buyers only need to select the items and then proceed to check where payment can be made with their credit or debit card. All ordered items will be delivered to their delivery address registered on the website or app. Buyers can also chat with the sellers for more details on certain products. Questions such as prices, sizes of clothes, the quality of products are commonly asked the sellers.

Many businesses have switched into online such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Watsons, H&M, Tealive and many more. Facebook and Instagram have added on their features where people can shop via these two social media. Facebook and Instagram used to be for people to connect themselves with others all around the world but now, you can even shop via these apps. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from this latest feature on Facebook and Instagram.

Retailers can start their business by uploading their products on their Facebook and Instagram pages. As on Facebook, the settings should be set to the public so that everyone could view their post. Prices can be added on as in the caption of the post or on the images. They can post as many products they want on their official business pages. Besides that, the seller could also attach their official website link in their bio for buyers to visit the page.

Role Of Online Shopping

Meanwhile, buyers will need to find the retailer’s profile to shop for the items they wanted. Facebook also publishes advertisements on the products of certain retailers. Buyers can click on those advertisements to get themselves redirected to the retailer’s page. Then, shopping can be done as usual. Buyers also have an option to chat with the sellers by commenting on their posts or sending private messages. You can even write a review or rate the shopping experience on the retailer’s page for other buyers to view.

As on Instagram, there is a feature called Instagram shopping where a variety of brands could be found. It is almost similar to Facebook as the products will be posted with the prices and other product details. Retailers only need to post the items and stay connected with their customers to sell the products.

Buyers will be able to chat with the sellers at any time. The duration of replies from sellers are depending on the business hours. If you send a message after 12 midnight, you might receive a reply the next morning. At times, sellers will reply to your questions even if it’s during odd hours.

Payments can be made online or cash on delivery. The payment method is similar to other online shopping websites. Customers could check and compare the prices of the products on Facebook and Instagram as there are a lot of sellers who have all the products that you want to shop for.

It will be a great experience to shop on Facebook and Instagram as these two apps were mainly for communication and social purposes only but today, you can get your shopping done here too. In fact, you can shop for almost everything as in food, clothes, home and car accessories, electronic products, gadgets and many more!

More advanced features will be introduced in Facebook and Instagram soon. Sellers could broadcast their products on live which gives their customer an exact experience of shopping in malls. The growth in technology is very fast as it gives people the best services in a better lifestyle. For example, people will not need to rush or get into a crowded area to shop for their shopping lists. They can just sit back and relax while getting their shopping done online.

Therefore, Facebook and Instagram give people more benefits as in connecting with people all around the world and also shopping experience. It is more advanced because buyers can get connected with the sellers too. In this, they will be able to get more details on certain products compared to other online shopping websites. It’s just the best shopping experience one could get!