People these days seek for more and faster news as they are eager to know what is happening around them. In the olden days, media organizations used to publish news every week. It was sufficient for people in those days as that was the only way of receiving the news. Nowadays, news media publish their content for almost every few minutes due to the demand for news from people. Yet, the people are never satisfied with the speed of news, so they seek faster news to be delivered to them. Poor media organizations can’t rely on much and force the reporters in hurrying with the news content as there are many steps to be passed before publishing news.

A reporter will need to arrive at the place they are assigned to collect news. Then, they will need to collect and record every information they have collected. That information will be transcripted and written into a news form to be sent to the editors. Editors will go through the news and edit or filter if there are any corrections needed to be done. If there are major mistakes, the news will be sent back to the reporter for him/her to rewrite the news. If the news is good to be published, it will be sent to a chief editor for extra checking before publication. Appropriate and relevant pictures will be attached to the news by another department first. When the news is complete, it will finally be published.

Phew! That was a long way to publishing news. It looks so simple to us as news is only written on a page or two but it takes a long way before it is published. With such methods, how could the media organizations cope with the demands of new readers in publishing news even faster than now?

Artificial intelligence (AI) mimics human intelligence and works in a machine form. This latest technology works even faster and more efficiently than humans. Companies today are replacing their employees with AI for many reasons. Firstly, AI works even faster than humans where a company could earn double the end result in work compared to a human. Secondly, the revenue of a company accelerates with the use of AI as tasks will be completed even faster. Thirdly, companies can gain more benefits as AI is able to provide extra workload compared to a human. Lastly, organizations will not need to take care of the welfare of any employees since it is only a machine that carries out the workload in a company. In a way, their organization could save up even more profit as they do not need to spend more on expenses. Even though there is less manpower, a company could still run its business even better.

Have you found a solution to the demands of news readers? Yes, it is AI! News media companies could switch their journalists to AI. More news will be produced and even faster as only the machines work, plus, you can cut off the long way in publishing news. That method does really cost a lot of time, causing news to be published even later.

Microsoft uses AI to replace its journalists from Microsoft News and MSN organizations. Microsoft relies on artificial intelligence to pick news and content that’s presented on, inside Microsoft’s Edge browser. The tasks of a journalist in Microsoft is reduced to only picking content on a website. AI does the job by scanning for news content and then process and filter it to be published. In fact, it could also suggest photos for human editors to pair it with the selected news. In this way, a huge process in publishing news has been reduced to just selecting and editing with the help of AI. Microsoft made this step to which gives the best investment to the company compared to when having manpower in Microsoft News.

Microsoft is now encouraging news media companies to switch their journalists to AI. It gives more benefits as in providing the best service to the companies’ clients and the public. It also increases the profit of an organization. Besides, the company could save costs in handling their manpower as in salary, welfare and many more.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is very simple. It will need to collect news from certain websites and then send it to the editor for the news to be filtered and published. It definitely takes less time than a human journalist in collecting news. AI could collect more news at a time as there’s no need for anyone to travel around for news content. A human editor is needed to just edit the content and approve it for publication. AI could also carry out the tasks of a photo editor as it could select relevant photos to be matched with the news. It will suggest photos based on articles chosen to the editor. Therefore, the workload for a human is reduced.

Many companies can benefit from this latest technology, especially news media companies. The tasks of a journalist are a little tough and complicated for others to understand. Only AI could replace those tasks and provide quality results to the company. It may be a little out of the norm to replace every journalist with the latest technology as media companies have been relying on manpower to provide news content since the beginning. Yet, we have to realize that the world is changing into a complete technology era. The demands of clients and people are very high which needs technology to satisfy their needs. Therefore, it will be the greatest move for a company to switch its manpower to AI.

News media companies have been evolving since it was first founded. The evolution in media organizations is for the sake of people as news should reach each and every person. With AI, everyone could access to the news even faster and also gain more information with the unlimited news content that is to be published. In a nutshell, media companies could save costs, gain revenue and produce extra articles than before with AI.