People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” said a marketing icon, Seth Godin.

During the past few years, people have become aware of the term e-commerce. Most of them are exploring it and trying to learn a few skills to generate a passive income through this market.

With an expanding interest for consideration and different item alternatives available, clients don’t have the foggiest idea of who to trust. Their monumental measures to forestall publicizing make it very trying for brands to find the digital outlook.

In general, customers believe more in words said by their family, friends, and people they follow on social media platforms instead of promoting content straightforwardly from brands. Thus, influencer marketing likely turns into the most sweltering, most encouraging advertising available. Currently, it’s a red-hot magic marketing industry, involving all the creation of ideas, strategies, and their execution.

This article will not only give you some profitable information about influencer marketing but it will also give tips on how to become a successful influencer, building a tempting strategy for your own business. You can also learn a few skills and tricks to provide service as an influencer marketer.

What is Influencer Marketing?

There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them,” said Malcom Gladwell.

Influencer Marketing is a type of social media marketing in which not only celebrities but individuals around the globe having a massive fan following give a shout out to your product through various platforms. These influencers have active and real followers, which they have built in a specific niche. They help to advertise your brand image, support your item, or co-make content, with the goal to build brand mindfulness and drive deals.


Before you select any influencer for your product and item, you must be clear in your objective. 

To have a clear objective is very important. You need to know for what purpose you are reaching out to the influencer. What is the purpose? Are you looking for sales or you are just looking for an endorsement?

Let’s discuss the three different aspects of why you want an influencer.


Social media followers and engagement

Website store and blog traffic

Email subscribers

App Downloads




Special Offers



Best practices

Network expansion

Deal brokering


Happy homebodies (Instagram Blogger)

What’s an Influencer?

As the name indicates is an individual who has the ability to impact the purchasing attitude of others on account of their conversations, relationships, and convincing behavior towards their followers.

Influencers can be sectioned into three key gatherings, as indicated by their crowd size:


Nano Influencers stats could be something like these:

  • 2k-10k followers
  • Target country percentage should be around 12-15%
  • Price below 30$ (Post + Link in Bio + Story)

Micro-Influencer 1

  • 10-15K followers
  • Engagement Rate 3.5%
  • Target country 10-12%
  • Price below $50 (Post + Link in Bio + Story)

Micro-Influencer 2

  • 50-90K followers
  • Engagement Rate 2%+
  • Target country 10-12%
  • Price below $70 (Post + Link in Bio + Story)

Macro Influencers

  • 100K+ followers
  • Engagement Rate 1.5%
  • Target country 8% minimum
  • Price above $80 (Post + Link in Bio + Story)

How to Hunt Influencer?

You can hunt influencers through different platforms.

  • Social Media Platforms (Instagram, YouTube & Twitter etc.)
  • Publishing (Blogs, Articles, Podcasts)
  • Networks (Shout cart, Tribe, Tribe group)
  • Agencies (IMA, socially powerful, Hire Influence)

Finding Influencers on Instagram

Three basic (manual) ways to search for influencers on Instagram

a)         Explore page 

b)         Video search function

When you click on the magnifying glass on the Instagram page, the explore page will appear. If you are able to find your desired influencer you can approach them.


You will see the accounts that are performing better than others. But this is all based on your activities.

We have categories on top of the page. When you select the category, all the pages that are performing well will appear in front of you. You need to go through their pages.

The second one is, when you click on the magnifying glass, the following options will appear:

  • Top accounts
  • Tags
  • Places

Write the name of your niche and write the word blogger with it. You can find the suitable one for your product.


Type your niche and you can find whether they are doing collaborations or not and then you can approach them.

The third is very famous itself. If you are generally looking for influencers who are running promotions and ads, you can partner up with them. They usually announce and some maybe not doing so. Type keyword with the hash-tags.

YouTube Influencers

You need to select the desired destination (for if you are looking for the USA, you need to select the USA by clicking on your profile pic, options will appear). Now type your niche there. You can also use the filter option to make things easy. Select the channel option and you will find the details. You can collaborate with any influencer who suits your budget. Select an active V-logger by selecting the weekly option.  

How to Evaluate an Influencer to Avoid any Scams?  


You need to put in some money before you start using this tool. The influencers who are registered in the Shout cart their stats are clearly shown. A Hassle-free way of finding the influencer.

You can use the right filters according to your niche. Try not to put too many filters. The scores that are shown are shout-cart scores and it’s not necessary that low score influencers aren’t good.

As a digital marketer, you need to make sure you look out for all the possible opportunities.

Ask the influencer that there should be any post till 2hrs after your post because Instagram would promote the latest post.

Make sure you book your influencer 3-4 days before so you can get the premium time. Always ask the influencer for the best time. Wrong timing will affect your engagement. 

How to Contact an Influencer?

There are different platforms to connect with the influencer. It is important that you should not bombard the same influencer with your messages on all the platforms available. 

It is important that you give some time in between messages. You may contact the influencer channel after channel and if he/she is not replying to you after several messages from different platforms.

You should move on to the other influencer as this particular influencer is not willing to work with you.

How to start the conversation:

The opening message should be simple

Add a greeting, compliment, the purpose of the message, and inquiry.

When you contact any influencer, make sure you do it on the right platform. Most of them already specify where they should be contacted regarding business promotions.


Don’t use the same templates for every Influencer. Do some changes.

Use Influencer’s name in the template.

Use the word “Promotion” at the start to grab attention.

Use different and creative Ideas to grab attention and crack the deal!

Confirm Promotion Terms:

Once the deal is done between you and the influencer, then confirm the promotional term with his team or themselves personally. Below are some factors you need to discuss the brand before running an influencer marketing campaign.


Explain to them what type of Image, Video, Caption, Story, Link, Engagement you want to run on their page, blog, or magazine


Pilot Test, Staggering scaling (testing out different strategies)


Either you will provide the content or it will be created by the influencer


Ask the influencer which is the best day and time based on analytics to run the campaign.


Usually, a 4–12-hour campaign is run by influencers. You can negotiate it with the influencer.

Types of Influencer Marketing


Free exchange for promotions between parties.


In this type of influencer marketing, the influencer is provided with a gift (usually a product of the client’s brand) a commission, or payment.


During negotiations, you deal with the influencer regarding all aspects of likeability, authority, credibility, leverage, persuasion.

How to Pay an Influencer?  

This is the most vital step in influencer marketing for both influencer and brand owners. You either pay before promotion for or after promotion depending on your budget strategies.

Before promotion

You can either give Gifts, Payments, Giveaways, or all the three depending on your negotiation with the influencer.

(Payment are done ideally done via Pay-pal)

After promotion:

After promotion, usually, the Commission is awarded to influencers. These commissions are usually tracked during the promotion or monthly basis.

(Commissions are usually tracked during the promotion or monthly)

Payment Method Selection:

When you are selecting the payment method through PayPal. Pay-pal asks, “What is this payment for?”

They have two options; one is sending to a friend and they charge approx. 1$ or so. The second is sending it against a service or a product and for this charge approximately 5-7$ which may also vary from country to country.

The ideal condition is that you must pay the charges of PayPal and must not ask the influencer to endure it. If the influencer is selected through Shout-cart then you don’t have to worry as you will already have a wallet in that.

Managing the Strategy and Promotion Launch

Before launching and running campaigns, you should streamline your data.

The customer journey should be smooth as the customer visits your store or profile or your Facebook page. Promo codes should be created beforehand. 

Talk to your influencer to recheck all the things that were discussed before promotion.

During Promotion stay active and live as your promotion is on air. Make sure you answer back to your customers immediately.

After running campaigns ask your influencer about the outcome. Discuss the overall results.

Assess Promotion Results:

Evaluating Promotion Results. It is divided into 3 categories:


You will check how much traffic you have received. Check the conversion ratios. How impactful was the influencer? Comparing the results of different influencers. You will also analyze the opinion of the influencer as to how this promotion could have been better or what difference could be done.

2.R.O.I (Return on Investment)

After running promotional campaigns check your marketing, Sales, and Operations. How it has benefited your business. Is there any elevation in your business ROI?

3.Future Modelling:

Now you will analyze your complete data including influencer, marketing, sales, campaigns. You will discuss all the stats with your team and plan the future accordingly.  Analyzing data is very important, if you aren’t doing it, you may probably fail in the long run. It is one of the key aspects of success.

4.Optimize Your Performance:

Maximize your performance. As I have discussed previously, it is very important to assess things deeply for better results. After a promotional campaign look into the following aspects:

  • New followers
  • New Engagement
  • New Leads
  • New Customers
  • New Email Subscribers


You need to keep the new customers intact. Keep them in your loop. Talk to them frequently. Create relationships with your new customers and go deep with them by giving them new discounts.


If you are going for Influencer Marketing to drive a chunk of relevant external audience traffic to your desired place to get a higher chance to achieve your end goal or objective, you must have to collaboration with at least 5 to 7 relevant or related nano influencers (recommended is: 10 to 15) with a minimum of 5% to 8% engagement rate of each influencer.

“Influencers – they’re the best thing since sliced bread. But forget bread; they’re selling like hotcakes. They’re creating huge returns, and they’re only set to keep growing,” said

Art Mollen.

Clear social media objectives help you define how social actions align with business and departmental goals.

Thus, influencer marketing helps your business grow. You just have to invest in social media through various platforms.

The benefits these promotional campaigns will give you are: business conversions (such as customer acquisition or lead generation), Brand awareness or perception, customer experience, and loyalty, employee trust, partner confidence, security, and risk mitigation

Thank you for reading!