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Online business is here to stay, and the last year has shown us exactly that. Companies that did not or could not evolve were often wiped out… But brands that were able to stay open online?

They survived and thrived, and many saw more business than they’ve ever seen. Having an online presence is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity increasing in importance.

By getting ahead now and creating a powerful online brand, you will be at the forefront going forward. Here at Blockode, we are here to deliver premium services, so your site looks, performs, and acts exactly as you want it to!

Proven E-commerce Solutions

Your online store is the first thing someone will see and often the last thing they will remember. People will leave almost instantly if it is slow, poorly designed, or confusing. There are countless distractions, which is why your site must be clear, precise, and perform flawlessly.

Here at Blockode, we help businesses experience beautiful, functional sites, positive mobile response, web optimization, and much more! We know the ins and outs to help your brand stand out from the sea of competition and bring in business like never before.

Full-Range Of Packages

We understand every business is different, which is why we offer a full range of packages to ensure your needs are meant. As your business grows, you will be able to upgrade and improve your site as necessary. We are here to make scaling easy and efficient to help you and your customers’ experience.

Join The Future Today

Now is the perfect time to get into e-commerce and enjoy the many wonders. The ability to work from where and when you want… the ability to profit even while you sleep! Simply select the appropriate package below or contact us today for a prompt and helpful response.

Why Owning An eCommerce Store

No Opening Time Restrictions

Lower Cost

No Geographical Limit

Ownership and Control

Higher Margins

Better Customer Relations

Better Cashflow

Easy to Scale


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Frequently Asked Questions

To place an order, you need to: First, Search your preferred package. Second, Simply click on the GET STARTED button on your preferred package. Third, You will be redirected to our business WhatsApp contact. One of our customer support will guide you through the ordering process.
We accept payment by Bank Cards (Debit and Credit) and Direct Bank Transfer for all the orders we received. This is our official bank account. Bank Name: CIMB Bank Berhad; Account Name: Blockode Sdn Bhd; Account No: 8009 6348 16;
We accept a one-time payment and installment payment for all our packages. For installment payment, we will charge 10% to 20% extra on the price and separate the payment into 2 to 4 milestones.
Delivery time usually takes 5 to 40 business days depending on the package. We will update the progress weekly and try to meet these timelines as soon as possible.
Yes, if you have specifications asides from those on our website, please reach out to us at We are welcome to assist you.
Yes, we will offer a refund to the client according to our company refund policy for all orders.
Absolutely, aside from the fact that we deliver top-notch service to our clients, we also offer unlimited change requests, 12-months support, and maintenance on all our packages.
Yes, we will provide video training or our customer support will assists you at
Customers need to purchase a hosting plan from us or from a third-party provider. We charge a separate fee for hosting. Kindly check our hosting plan for further information. We have a 24-hour uptime for our server, you have nothing to worry about.
Yes, clients are responsible for providing all the content needed for the website content or mobile app. Please provide us with your business product, services, images, and logo as soon as you place an order.
Your website will be shown on our server or your server as soon as we deliver your order. Also, we will send a notification email to your email address to let you that your order has been delivered.
Yes, please send us an email at to know, we will let you know how to proceed with it.
Apologies for this. While this is unusual, we will take responsibility for this error. Please send us your order number/order receipt at

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